• Alphabet Letters Wall Canvas

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    A wall canvas that comes with a moi9uynting kit and you can hang on your children's bedroom wall, the wall canvas displays the alphabet to help your kids learn their letters, each letter of the alphabet has a item next to it that starts with that letter so there's a drawing of an apple for 'a' and a drawing of a zebra for 'z', each letter is drawn in a cute children's story book style and all the coloured paints used are bright with red, green, blue, brown, orange, black, yellow, white, pink, grey, purple and many more colours used.

    You can use the alphabet picture in two ways firstly you can put the canvas on the wall so each time the children pass they will be interested in the cute looking pictures and take notice of the alphabet and you can help your child learn their alphabet by rote, 'a' is for apple and 'b' is for boat.