• Northcote 'Skinny' Shelf Unit

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    These storage shelves are designed for children's bedrooms, they are thinner in width than regular storage shelves sop even small rooms can have lots of storage, you can choose whether to use these units on the floor (floor standing) or mount them on the wall, when on the wall the storage cabinets take up no extra space and won't make the room smaller as they are not taking up floor space.

    There's an adjustable shelf inside with ten different shelf heights so you can store, toys, books and clothes on the shelves as the shelf can be adjusted to accommodate lots of different sized items. There are canvas drawers available for these shelves or you can use the shelves open, with the canvas drawers you can personalise the cabinet for a boys or a girls room as the drawers are available in lots of different colours red, pink, blue, green, brown, cream and white.