• Sorbet Spot Rug

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    A children's rug for their bedroom which has a green background, tan brown border and red, green, cream, pink, white and blue coloured spots, the rug is made from 100% wool and is tufted by hand for extra softness. Use the rug as a play rug where children can their friends can sit on the rug whilst they play with their toys, its ideal if you have wooden or stone floors or if the house is cold or draughty.

    There are two sizes of rug available so plenty of choice no mater what size of bedroom you have, use the rug in the hallway where children can put their shoes on whilst sitting on a warm rug, its great to brighten up a cold or dull hall and also great for use in the lounge or sitting room where it's a nice soft rug to sit on when watching television.