• Time for Tea Toy Cake Trolley

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    A tea trolley or nurses trolley for your children to play with, the trolley is made from wood and has a bright white finish, there are castor wheels underneath so the trolley will move well on carpet and wooden floors and there's a large wooden rod handle at the back of the trolley which makes it easy to push. The trolley has two shelves, an upper shelf and a lower shelf, use the upper shelf for lighter items and the lower shelf for heavier items.

    There's a shelf edge which has been shaped like semi-circles of wood which stops anything you put on the trolley from sliding off if you tilt the trolley too high so its ideal when your carrying drinks or meals between rooms. Use the trolley as a tea trolley carrying soft drinks, cakes or even the dinner plates to the table or as a nursing trolley carrying bandages and pretend medicines.